SWVA Elite Showcase Events

Showcase Info and Rules.

  1. All teams will play a 4 game format. There will be no championship bracket.

  2. Teams will supply there own baseballs. Baseballs used in these events shall be NHSF approved. Site director will have baseballs for sell if needed but we highly suggest bring your own.

  3. Teams will play at least 2 games on College Field all other games will be on a local High School facility.

  4.  All games will be 7 innings or 1:50 drop dead time. Time will start when plate meeting is over. 

  5. Teams will flip at the plate to determine home team.

  6. No infield practice on any field prior to game. 

  7. Batting line up rules will be as follows: 1. Bat 9 with subs. 2. Bat 10 with EH. 3. Bat entire line up with free substitution.

  8. Line ups must be declared before the start of each game.  If batting entire lineup and injury occurs, the injured player’s spot in the batting order will be skipped without penalty.  However, that player will not be allowed to finish the game.  If a player is ejected, then that spot in the lineup will be counted as an out.

  9. Courtesy runners can be used at any time for the pitcher and catcher.  Must be someone NOT in the current lineup.  If everyone is in the lineup, then the last recorded out can run.

  10. Pitching Rules: There will be no pitch count or inning count for pitchers. Coaches responsibility to keep track of pitching. 

  11. Teams be ready to play at least 30 minutes before your next game.

  12. All teams must supply a roster to the gate worker with full player information (name, number, high school, positions, grad year, and email information.