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If a baseball event is cancelled due to lack of participation then there will be a 100% refund to all registered teams.
If during any event a team plays less games than advertised in the bracket due to weather, there will be a pro rated refund to that team.
If a team enters a baseball event, then drops out at least 7 days prior to the start of the event, that team will be refunded the full entry or credit for their next event. 
If a team enters a baseball event and then drops out less than 7 days prior to the event, there will be NO refund. If the entry fee is not paid—that team will not be allowed to play in any other events until it is paid in full. If a team drops from the event after brackets have posted that team will still be responsible for the full entry fee. 
All teams must register for an event by clicking on the SIGN UP HERE Button on the home page and by clicking on the submit button. The team agrees to all terms of the event, such as rules, gate fees, field dimensions, etc.
Payment - All entry Fees must be received by the cutoff date, which is (7) days prior to the start date, otherwise your entry is not official until your payment is received.  We have also added a PAY NOW option on the entry form.
To remove your team from an event - An official email and call by Team Coach/Manager to the director must be received  7 days prior to the start date.
Game times will be posted no later than Wednesday evening of the upcoming event.  The Director reserves the right to change game times afterward due to scheduling error, weather, location changes, etc. Please check our web site: on Friday for any and all changes.
Expect start times to possibly be as early as 8:00 a.m. on either Saturday or Sunday, due to the number of teams in the event, locations or weather. BE READY TO PLAY 45 MIN. BEFORE YOUR GAME.
Special requests - keep in mind teams traveling further than others will take preference as far as first game time start on Saturday, but we will try to honor all requests if possible.
SWVA ELITE BASEBALL will not responsible for any items lost or stolen at any of our venues. If an item is lost please check with tournament director to see if item was turned in.
SWVA ELITE BASEBALL will also not be responsible for any damage to vehicles or spectators injuries due to baseballs or swinging bats. All parks are enter at your own risk.
SWVA Elite Baseball Tournament Rules Will Follow

USSSA Baseball Rules   CLICK HERE for a copy
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