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Coach Pitch Rules

* Batters shall receive a maximum of 6 pitches or 3 swinging strikes. The bat is extended if the last pitch is hit foul. 

* A live ball shall be declared dead when in the judgement of the umpire an infielder has control of the baseball and there is no imminent  play to be made on a baserunner. If  a baserunner is more than half way between bases at the time the ball becomes under the control of the infielder the runner will be awarded that base and time will be called at that point. 

* 7 run limit per team per inning 
* No infield fly rule. No bunting. No DH. One Intentional Walk per game per player. 
* Coach pitcher must pitch with foot on pitcher’s line or straddle pitcher’s line.  The pitching coach shall not verbally or physically coach while in the pitching position. If the batted ball hits the pitching coach the ball is declared dead and the batter is awarded one base. If in the judgement of the umpire the pitching coach intentionally  does not attempt to avoid the contact the batter will be ruled out and no runner shall advance. 

* A courtesy runner for catcher of record only the previous inning may be used. The courtesy runner shall be the player that made the previous out. If no outs have been recorded in the game, the courtesy runner shall be the previous batter not on base. If the team batting has not played defense yet and a courtesy runner is used for a player, the player that was run for must assume the catching position the next inning. This scenario only applies in the first inning for the visiting team.
* The defensive pitcher shall not leave the pitching circle until the ball is hit. PENALTY: The play continues and after the play had ended, the offensive team has the option of taking the result of the play or no-pitch.
* Each team on defense will field 10 players consisting of 6 infielders and 4 outfielders. The outfielders must stay in the outfield until the ball is hit.
* The batting order shall constitute of all present players. Teams may start a game with eight (8) players. The ninth (9th) & tenth (10th) positions in the batting order shall be declared an out each turn at bat. A ninth (9th) & tenth (10th) player and all subsequent players may be added to the bottom of the batting line-up as soon as they become available.
* Runners shall not lead off or steal bases. A runner will be placed back at the bag for leaving early or if the ball is put in play they can only advance to the next base. The batter would only be granted the base behind the runner that left early. 
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